Residential Construction

Here’s the easy answer

To maximise the financial potential of any residential development, the property has to have the visual appeal and finish that the discerning owner or buyer is looking for.

At Monde we find it makes things a lot easier to work with Architects at the design stage. That way we can work as a team to develop cost effective solutions that can be designed into the project to deliver a high-spec fit-out that’s always within budget.

Our commercial and shopfitting experience also gives us the flexibility to come in at a later stage if the developer is looking for better ways to utilize space, create a specific look and feel within the development, or find cost effective solutions. This is where our years of experience in the commercial area is a real benefit. It gives us an open mind and a positive attitude to problem solving that can help keep a project on track.

By working pro-actively with architects and engineers we have helped to create some outstanding residential developments in Melbourne and earned a reputation for not only being good at what we do – but good to work with.